The Port of Aalborg

We are the intelligent port with focus on logistics and cooperation




In Aalborg Harbour Group , we have chosen limited companies
and an overall group structure with a parent Aalborg
Port A / S , and independent subsidiaries , each with its
tasks and functions .

The legal structure was completed in 2013 and will open
that private investors can buy parts of the competition
vulnerable group companies , ie all subsidiaries
the Port of Aalborg A / S .


The parent company Port of Aalborg A / S is a tax
infrastructure company that is the framework around
the harbor, the physical development of the kajnære
harbor with the establishment of new quays
and construction of the basic ones road infrastructure.

As a business , the Group aims to
making profits , strengthen relationships with the private
sector and ensure that the infrastructure around the port
developed, updated and effective and konkurrencedygig .