At the Port of Aalborg , we want to take the lead when it is about sustainable development. Therefore, we have launched a number of initiatives to promote this process.

Currently we are working to promote environmental cooperation in Eastern Aalborg through networking group B8. B8 now consists of 20 companies from Aalborg East , and the focus is on building industrial symbiosis ; Thus a partnership where one company's waste products are another company resource. Until now, the Port of Aalborg has been the primary driving force in the network. The future goal is, that the network must become more self-propelled , so environmentally friendly initiatives will be made ​​independent of Aalborg's efforts. See our photovoltaic plant production right here .

LED LIGHTS ALONG quay: In 2013 the lighting of approximately 45,000 sqm. quay roads and roads was renovated with LED fixtures. This has resulted in a significantly better lighting in the area and a halving of the electricity consumption equivalent to a saving of 34,500 kWh / year.  

LED LIGHTING In the freezer: Fluorescent and halogen spotlights have been replaced with LED lighting in 5,000 m2 freezer, which has caused a reduction in electricity consumption by over 70% as well as reduced energy consumption for cooling. 

LED OUTDOOR LIGHTING: We continually test new LED technology for different lighting tasks. From marker lights and streetlights to experiments with spotlights in the 25 meter masts in the container terminal. 

RENOVATION OF OFFICE BUILDING: In 2012 the Port of Aalborg's operating office underwent a renovation for the passive standard. It has led to a reduction in energy demand of 83%. The renovation is a pilot project to assess the potential for future environmentally friendly building renovation and new construction.


CURRENT ENERGY OPTIMIZATION OF BUILDINGS: Efforts are ongoing to energy optimization in airport buildings , mostly in connection with the renovation and remodeling. Lighting systems replaced as standard for low-energy luminaires with management, which typically reduces electricity consumption by 70-80% . Ventilation is another typical focal point. We are working towards a unified code of sustainable building renovation and new construction . 

ENERGY FOCUS BY CANTEEN RENOVATION: In 2012 the Port of Aalborg's canteen underwent a major renovation , where energy efficiency was the focus . Cooling / freezing facility energy consumption was reduced by 75 % and the ventilation system was optimized and expanded with heat recovery .


ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY CRANES: In 2013 purchased the Port of Aalborg two new Sennenbogen 850 cranes that are much more environmentally friendly than the former .   RECYCLING OF swept up MATERIALS 90 % of remains from Aalborg Airport sweeper (270 t / year) is now being recycled as opposed to 10% in 2013. 

LIGHT CONTROL AT THE PORT OF AALBORG’ AREAS: In 2013 , we introduced a system for intelligent lighting control at the port and roads . The lighting is now regulated more precisely by astro - clock, which pump is running , and task lighting is controlled solely by the activities in that area. The light control has resulted in an overall savings in electricity consumption of approximately 60,000 kWh , corresponding to approximately 20% of the annual energy consumption for lighting.


Photovoltaic system on the PORT OF AALBORG: In 2013 the Port of Aalborg builed one of the  biggest solar power plant of the region with an annual production capacity of 80,000 kWh. The solar plant has further led to that the Port of Aalborg has held two conferences on solar energy.  See also photovoltaic device's current energy production.  

STAND-ALONE SOLAR CELLS: In several places we experiment on installing stand-alone solar power plant in which a solar cell is connected directly to a battery and from there to a power-consuming unit . 

CONSTRUCTION OF CYCLE PATHS: There are landscaped cycle path along Langerak on the areas of the harbour. Further we are trying to get a permission to build a cycle path along Tranholmvej , which is the primary gateway to the East Harbour .  

WE INVITE TO TAKE THE BIKE: In May 2015, The Port of Aalborg participates in competition ' Bike to Work ', where about 20 % of employees was represented. Further, there are provided electric bike available to employees for the daily transport.