Port of Aalborg in 2011 was co-founder of Business Networking 9220th Business Network 9220 is a local network of businesses, institutions and organizations in Eastern Aalborg . Aalborg Harbour plays an active role in the work of the network include in environment and infrastructure development. For example , we have since Spring 2013 been the prime mover for " B8 Group" - a local environmental cooperation between pt . 20 companies . The goal is industrial symbiosis , which that one company's waste products can become another company resource.
Port of Aalborg has since December 2013 participated in a project on environmental management under the auspices of our trade organization Danish Ports . The goal of the project is to strengthen the Danish ports environmental performance and reputation.

Network for Sustainable Business North Denmark is a network with a focus on strengthening the company's competitiveness by focusing on the environment and sustainability of operations and business .
Energy Vision is a collaboration between Aalborg University , North Jutland and a number of North Jutland municipalities and businesses. Energy Vision to strengthen and make visible the North Jutland energy competencies .
Port of Aalborg participates actively within eg wind and solar . Recently , we have contributed cooperation in the organization of two conferences on solar PV