As a partner for the freight and logistics solutions you will experience service of the highest character from the Port of Aalborg. In addition to handling and storage of your freight, we provide service solutions for business regarding water and land and to the companies that have settled on our land. In all 24 hours a day, we put action behind our motto – we are strong on logistics and cooperation, as the intelligent port.

At sea: In the Port of Aalborg, we have two boats to provide service for arriving vessels - Tugs Alba and supply boat Busse. In addition, our technical department has many years of experience in surveying (mirroring) and purification. We can provide planning, advise, supervise and documentation for the physical purification and location of sediment. We have our own survey ship to bear in all conditions, specialized engineers, modern GPS and direction finding equipment and advanced software. 

By land: As a logistics company, we help to manage your estate and develop smart logistics solutions for your business. In collaboration with Aalborg University, we make sure that the latest logistics solutions will be implemented in processes of the port. Furthermore our modern facilities give us the opportunity for professional cooperation with operators to ensure the best transport solutions for land, sea and air. 'Danish Carriers’’ terminal is located at the East Harbour and is directly connected to the railway network and close to the motorway network.

Special service solutions for companies in our areas: When you decide to become a business tenant on the Port of Aalborg it is not only the proximity to the motorway and railway network, which is an advantage. We try to give the companies, which are placed on the harbour the best options and service solutions to contribute to a positive environment. Following services are offered to companies at the Port of Aalborg:

• Data
• Cleaning
• Repair
• Waste
• Canteen Service
• Healthcare Center

Canteen Service: In The Port of Aalborg the canteen service is provided by Artctic Group. It serves the majority of businesses in th port area. The canteen seats 150 guests and it daily offers hot and cold dishes and drinks. Canteen facilities include meeting facilities - a room for 12 people and a room for 24 people. The meeting rooms can be used together for overall approximately 40 people. In addition, the canteen can be used for larger meetings. All rooms includes A/V equipment.

Health Offers: The Port of Aalborg A/S offers a health system for treasury and corporate employees. We are looking to make an effort, so our employees have the framework for a healthy life and wellbeing. A physiotherapist has treatment in premises of the Greenland Harbour. Here it’s possible to have physiotherapy , health , mandatory night observations and so on. The system has over 300 members. For further information contact: Ole Brøndum - or telephone 99 30 15 05 

Defibrillator Network: Safety is one of the highest priority at the Port of Aalborg. Therefore, we are in the AED network, which implies that we have a total of three AEDs located in our buildings and there are located 16 AED’s at the whole harbour. You can see where the different AEDs are located on this map.