Port of Aalborg A / S is only a few hours away from the Skagerrak where the large ships navigates through Hals Barre,
while smaller ships can sail the Port of Aalborg from the North Sea. From the waterfront we provide a direct connection to European motorway 
and rail networks. Port of Aalborg A / S is navigable 24 hours from Kattegat through the fairway over Hals Barre.
The water depth over Hals Barre is 10.4 meters at mean sea level, while the recommended maximum draft is 9.4 m.
Sailing time from Hals Barre to East Harbour: About 1 hour
Sailing time from Hals Barre to Central Harbour: about 2 hours
Port of Aalborg A / S is navigable from the North Sea through Thyborøn. Max. draft about 3.8 m. There is no navigation between Løgstør and Aalborg. Sailing time from Thyborøn to Aalborg about 8 hours.

Depths along the quays

The depths along the quays are possibly because of silting different from those in our own information and the official nautical charts and navigation manuals specified depths.
The specified depths will at deepening sought maintained.
Port of Aalborg A / S will, as far as possible, information about changes to the navigation conditions. Our users and customers are encouraged, however, to always keep informed about current conditions, contact the airport's traffic service.

For further information contact:
Harbour Master
Claus Rose Beck
tel. 99 30 15 21 (direct)
Traffic Service (24 hour service)
tel. 99 30 15 20 (direct)