Port security (ISPS)

The vast majority of international shipping companies operating under approved security plans as described in the ISPS Code. These approvals require that ships entering secured port facilities and ports.
The port's security clearance is therefore necessary that ships can enter the port.
This security clearance has meant that we have had to completely close parts of the port for public traffic, in order to meet the requirements stilles.Havnen in this connection have to stress that people who move within the port area must have a legitimate errand and valid ID card to stay at facilities where there are posted as follows:
If you do not meet these requirements can be made to the police demanding a fine.

Security Officers
The ultimate responsibility PSO:

Harbour Master Claus Rose Beck
Tel: 99 30 15 21 / Mob: 29 20 72 21
Mail: cr@aalborghavn.dk

Substitute for security officer PSO (Assistant PSO)

Operating Head Kenneth Mortensen
Tel: 99 30 15 20 / Mob: 29 20 72 36
Mail: kmo@aalborghavn.dk

Requirements for ships:
Ships will arrive at the Port of Aalborg either directly or via the ship's agent the following information:
• The 10 last ports of call
• Crew List
• Copy of "International Ship Security Certificate"
• List of visitors and possible. repairers, etc..
• Any passenger

This information shall be sent no later than 24 hours before arrival Mail: trafik@aalborghavn.dk or Fax: 99 30 15 15
Ships are not security-approved must sign a DOS (Declaration Of Security) to ensure that there is made a written agreement concerning the security of ships and port.

All terminals and port section is security approved by the ISPS Code in accordance with applicable IMO rules and PFSO of the facility's Harbour Master Claus Rose Beck Tel: 99301521 Mobile: 29,207,221th UN locator code: DKAAL

The only access to the facilities on presentation of ID card.