The Port of Aalborg – Strong on logistics and cooperation. 

The Port of Aalborg is traffic and logistic center of Northern Denmark and Direct operation via ship, truck and rail link up to it global transport network. From the port, there is one hour by boat to the Kattegat, 10 km to the center of Aalborg and 20 minutes traveling to Aalborg Airport with the many international flights. The Port of Aalborg is known as Denmark’ intelligent Port and we link knowledge and service logistics and cooperation from various perspectives. In cooperation with CELOG, Centre for Logistics at Aalborg University, and the network “Smartlog” we develop the Port of Aalborg Logistics A / S with constant procedures and logistics to optimize hits and solutions that can create added value to the port.  Value creation is based on the latest knowledge and research - and goes hand in hand with the development of cooperative relations, so they common resources is optimized for the benefit of the harbour, the surroundings, port companies, customers and partners. Aalborg Port Logistics A / S is certified induced by iSo 14001. The documented environmental effort is one of many skills that are a part of an on-going environmental initiative that of course also will benefit customers and tenants of the port. One of our goals is to become CO2 – neutral, and to reach this goal our latest venture was to built a solar power plant, which annually performs about 80,000 kwh - and saves the environment about 44 tons of Co2. The system is at the same time used for research purposes of Aalborg University.